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$20 Purchases a Freedom Kit Bag (reusable cloth sanitary pads) for one woman or girl to use each month when menstruating.

Cover the purchase & distribution  of 10 Clean Delivery Kits to remote village Health Posts throughout Humla.  Delivery is done on foot and pack animals since there are no roads.

$500 Covers the transportation, food, lodging & salary of one Maternal-Child Health Educator to teach a 5-day Safe Motherhood Class in Humla.

$2500 Cover all expenses for 30 Humli women to attend a 5-day Safe Motherhood Training.  The knowledge and skills they learn are then shared with their entire village.

$1500 Covers all educational, room & board expenses for 5 year old Alisa to go to boarding school.

$15,000 Builds a new Women's Community Center

Any size donation is greatly appreciated!

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