Freedom Kit Bags (FKB)

We are providing women with Freedom Kit Bags - these are handmade reusable cloth sanitary pads.  Each FKB contains 1 Sari Bag Carrier, 2 Pad Holders that snap in place around the underwear, 6 reusable cloth pads (with a 9 layer material in the mid-section for better absorption), 2 pair of underwear, Rope & two clothes pins, Soap & soap purse, Wet Purse (for soiled pads) and a Dry Purse (for clean, dry pads).

Without these FKB’s the women are left to menstruate without any supplies- they do not have access nor the funds to purchase sanitary pads or tampons.
Each FKB costs approximately $20 (this includes transportation & distribution from Kathmandu to rural villages with no roads in Humla).    
Our goal for 2018 is to distribute FKB’s to 400 women & girls in Humla! 

Women’s Community Building
Theses buildings are not considered a a Chaupadi house but more as a central community based women’s center.  A safe place where women and girls can commune, provide assistance to each other and feel safe.  In 2017, BTF completed its first Women’s Community Building in the village of Yangchu.  This year, the village of Raya has requested that we help them build one as well.  The  building will serve more than 250 women & girls.  It will be a safe place with a private toilet and a water tap, where women will not feel discriminated, stigmatized or embarrassed.

 Safe Motherhood Education
We organize 5-day Safe Motherhood Training courses that teach basic health education & midwifery skills to local women.  Each year we aim to provide two classes that educate 60 women & girls in carious villages.  The classes are taught by local Nepali Government Nurses and Midwives.
Each training costs approximately $5,000 and educates 30 women at a time who then go back and share their knowledge with the rest of their village.

Education for Alisa 
Alisa is the 5 year old girl whose parents donated their land in Yangchu to build the Women's Community Building in 2017.  BTF is providing Alisa with an education at a boarding school in SImikot (5 hours away from her village).  She needs educational fees, housing, food, books & uniforms - approximately $2000/year is needed for this project.

Clean Delivery Kits (CDK)
The purchase and distribution of Clean Delivery Kits that are culturally acceptable and manufactured in Nepal.  We have delivered over 2200 CDK's throughout Humla so far!

Cow Farm/Milk Project
We currently have 4 cows and 1 bull - the milk is sold in the bazaar in Simikot and at the Humla Bakery & Cafe

Humla Bakery & Cafe
Bodhi Tree Foundation is 1/3 owner of the new Humla Bakery & Cafe in Simikto!! We hope this project will provide income generation to help with sustainability of other projects.

Additional Completed Projects
  • Distribution of prenatal/postnatal vitamins to over 2700 pregnant & lactating women in Humla.
  • Educational assistance for three young women form Humla to attend Nursing School & Medical Laboratory Technician programs in Kathmandu.

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